Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Business Goes Virtual - Chapter 7 - The People Know Best

The seventh post of my Business Goes Virtual blog series continues with “Chapter 7 – The People Know Best”.  Today's successful businesses have taken steps to becoming more customer-centric, more social, and more agile to keep up with the fast-paced internet trends.  One of the case studies examined in this chapter is the use of viral internet memes to successfully launch a marketing campaign:

One the most spontaneous viral- creating events must be the so- called Crasher Squirrel. In 2009, a vacationing couple were enjoying an amazing vista in a particularly picturesque part of western Canada. The moment was so special that the couple wanted it to last for eternity. They decided to take their own picture with a beautiful background of a lake surrounded with near-perfect mountains. To achieve their snapshot of time, the recent groom carefully balanced his camera on a rock and scurried back to be with his beautiful bride as the self-timer counted down. Three, two, one...say cheese, and the shutter snapped.  
Excited to see if they had captured the moment, they looked at the LCD screen to view the photo. To their surprise, there were three faces, not two, in the picture. Th e third face belonged to a gray squirrel that scampered into camera view while the groom was taking his place.
Once the Banff/Lake Louise Tourist Office knew about the picture, they decided to act quickly and decisively. After securing the rights to the picture, they took the bold decision to make Crasher the focus of the very successful media campaign.
Could or would your organization jump on a social media opportunity? Is your organization agile enough to capture the moment?

The content includes:
Chapter 1 - Virtual Business: Real or Imaginary?
Chapter 2 - The New Face(book) of Organizations
Chapter 3 - Real Leadership in the Virtual World
Chapter 4 - The Power of Sharing
Chapter 5 - Making Sense of Virtual Worlds

Chapter 6 - Any Place, Any Time
Chapter 7 - The People Know Best
Chapter 8 - Everyone Has a Stake
Chapter 9 - Real in the Virtual World

Chapter 10 - What Every Leader Needs to Know

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