Friday, November 4, 2011

Business Goes Virtual - Chapter 8 – Everyone Has a Stake

The eighth post of my Business Goes Virtual blog series continues with “Chapter 8 – Everyone Has a Stake”.

Collaboration in the workplace is as important to free enterprise as competition in the marketplace. The spirit of win-win cannot survive in an environment of stiff competition. For collaboration to flourish, win-win needs to be a mature operating practice, and the systems have to support it. The recruiting system, the on- boarding system, the training and educational systems system, the strategic and operational planning systems, the communication systems, the budgeting system, the information system, the compensation system— all have to be based on the principle of win-win.
So how many organizations have got this deep collaboration systemic organizational DNA tapestry right? Many do not— but increasingly many do. 
This chapter includes in-depth case studies on Molson Coors, MTS Allstream, and Research in Motion (RIM). Listed below are the lessons learned from these cases:

Molson Coors:
  • Early objectives are key, and success should be measured.
  • Speak to, not at, an audience.
  • Social media success can be iterative.

MTS Allstream - The Idea Factory
  • IT development
  • Budget challenges. 
  • Executive support 
  • User- friendly design
  • Outcomes
  • Executive leadership and accountability are key.
  • Lead with leading practices.
  • Drive adoption rapidly.
Source: Pages 123, 127, 130-131, 134-135

Does your company have a collaboration strategy? If so,  is it successful? How did employees adopt  a collaborative mindset?

If not, how can your company benefit from developing and implementing a collaboration strategy?

The content includes:
Chapter 1 - Virtual Business: Real or Imaginary?
Chapter 2 - The New Face(book) of Organizations
Chapter 3 - Real Leadership in the Virtual World
Chapter 4 - The Power of Sharing
Chapter 5 - Making Sense of Virtual Worlds

Chapter 6 - Any Place, Any Time
Chapter 7 - The People Know Best
Chapter 8 - Everyone Has a Stake
Chapter 9 - Real in the Virtual World

Chapter 10 - What Every Leader Needs to Know


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