Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Business Goes Virtual - Chapter 6 - Any Place, Any Time

The sixth post of my Business Goes Virtual blog series continues with “Chapter 6 – Any Place, Anytime”. Using 
Cisco’s marketing collaterals on telepresence,  the language was reworked in order to reflect statements on the value of virtualization.  These statements form benefits to communicate the value proposition to achieve a competitive advantage:
  • The new way of working. Today you face greater business demands and a more competitive marketplace. You must continually find new ways to be agile and increase speed to market while reducing costs. Effective communication and collaboration are critical. The ability to engage immediately across geographies with employees, suppliers, and customers is a must to sustain competitive advantage.
  • Virtualization for everyone, everywhere.
  • Do more with less. 
  • Transform your organization.
  • Drive competitive advantage.
  • Be greener and improve quality of life.
  • Build a collaboration strategy.
  • Powering the new way of working. Virtualization powers the new way of working. Learn how you can empower teams to collaborate like never before, transforming your organization by leveraging collaboration and social approaches; your world will simply get better.
By further consolidating, these key benefits have core communication messages for leaders to consider in positioning the value of virtualization with their employees. We have filtered these down to these virtual value propositions:
  • Create new ways of working. Increase your connections with your coworkers and customers and reduce your time to market, increase your agility, and reduce your costs.
  • Accelerate decision making.
  • Innovate across the value chain.
  • Scale resources.
  • Support the environment by going green. 
  • Create the foundation for the new world of work. By going virtual you can power the new world to attract, develop, and retain your talent.

Has your company integrated any of these tips during its virtualization process, if so, how has it benefited your business?  If not, which of these tips would you want to integrate into your business and why?

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