Friday, June 29, 2012

Seven key facts on the Crowdfunding Market

  1. Research report forecasts that $2.8 B will be raised worldwide this year, up from $1.5 B in 2011 and $530 M in 2009. 
  2. There are over 450 crowdfunding platforms worldwide. Including 4 China. 
  3. Kickstarter is America’s largest platform. 
  4. Indiegogo is Kickstarter’s closest rival, and is available in Canada. 
  5. In terms of amount of money raised, the NA crowdfunding industry CAGR is 63%
  6. Pebble raised 10.3 million dollars from 68,929 people after the inventors posted a pitch on Kickstarter. The previous record was 3.3 Million set in March by Double Fine Adventure, a video game. 
  7. Seven projects have raised $1M – something that had never happened before February this year. 

Sources: Techvibes, Massolution, ITBusiness
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