Monday, December 5, 2011

Business Goes Virtual - Chapter 10 - What Every Leader Needs to Know

The tenth and final post of my Business Goes Virtual blog series concludes with “Chapter 10 - What Every Leader Needs to Know”. 

The "High Five" Challenges in Leadership:
Challenge #1 — Cracking the Big Nut: Unlocking the Power of Your TalentChallenge #2 — Learning to Let Go and to Trust
...Trust is highly integrated with interdependence when employees require support from one another. This dynamic where I help you and you help me is rooted in reciprocity and is strengthened or weakened depending on the limitations of skill, time, or control that individuals have. Irrespective, if employees understand that each exchange needs to be a mutually satisfying exchange where respect and open transparent communication is shared, trust will strengthen between organizational ties and networks across the organization. When power behaviors are rewarded in an organizational culture, the implications to creating healthy trusting and collaborative cultures are impacted.
Challenge #3 — Ensuring Goal Clarity and Vision Visibility AlignmentChallenge #4 — Having the Courage to Shape ConsequencesChallenge #5 — Harnessing Social Power

If you are in a managerial/leadership role, what are the common kinds of challenges you face on a regular basis? How do deal with these challenges? How does knowing the "High Five" help you become a better leader?

If not, what are the most common mistakes your leaders make when dealing with other employees?  What recommendations can you make to help them become better leaders? How does knowing the "High Five" challenges help you on your journey to becoming a leader in your company?

The content includes:
Chapter 1 - Virtual Business: Real or Imaginary?
Chapter 2 - The New Face(book) of Organizations
Chapter 3 - Real Leadership in the Virtual World
Chapter 4 - The Power of Sharing
Chapter 5 - Making Sense of Virtual Worlds

Chapter 6 - Any Place, Any Time
Chapter 7 - The People Know Best
Chapter 8 - Everyone Has a Stake
Chapter 9 - Real in the Virtual World

Chapter 10 - What Every Leader Needs to Know
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