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TOP 50 Knowledge Management Posts

There are a number of blogs that offer information and insight on knowledge management.

If you are interested in enhancing your ability to manage your knowledge, here are 50 knowledge management blogs that can be of use.

General Knowledge Management

Learn about knowledge management at a more general level. You can find out about a variety of topics related knowledge and how to organize it.

ActKM: Learn about knowledge management and participate in discussions about KM.
Anecdote: A cool knowledge management blog that focuses on stories that can help you learn more about better managing your knowledge.
Gurteen Knowledge Log: A great blog offering different insights on knowledge management and learning, along with other topics that might be of interest.
KM Edge: Helpful insights into knowledge management, and information about how you can keep the flow of information used properly.
Aa..ha!: A great blog that focuses on different aspects of knowledge, and how your brain works.
McGee’s Musings: Learn more about facing knowledge management issues, including great posts on framing problems.
Knowledge Jolt with Jack: Get great perspective and learn helpful knowledge management techniques.
Green Chameleon: Insights on a variety of knowledge management topics.
BRINT: Find out more about knowledge management headlines and tools.
Cognitive Edge: Keep up with what is happening in the world of knowledte management — and learn how you can enhance the way you work.
KM News: Get the latest news and information related to knowledge management.
InsideKnowledge: Headlines, information, commentary and more related to KM.
Matthew Loxton’s KM & OL Blog: A look at knowledge management, business and more.
Conversations with Dina: Interesting thoughts on knowledge, creativity and more.
Dove Lane: You can get insights into knowledge management and learning when you read the writings of this consultant.
Knowledge Management for Development: Find out more about knowledge management from a variety of helpful blog posts from different bloggers. Offers breaking news and information about knowledge management topics.
KnowledgeBoard: Great articles and posts from a community committed to knowledge management.
KM Articles Home: The Knowledge Management Advantage offers helpful and interesting posts on KM and how to use related techniques effectively.
Mathemagenic: A helpful look at how you can use knowledge management in various aspects of your life to enjoy improvement in productivity, and other areas.
Reflexions: Considers patterns of thought, and helpful information on how we manage the knowledge we have.

Web 2.0 and Content Management

Find out more about how the Internet can help you with knowledge, and how to use the web to manage content and information.

Column Two: An awesome blog that offers news and opinion from around the web, mostly dealing with the content aspect of knowledge management.
Seb’s Open Research: Helpful thoughts and insights on social software and how knowledge management is evolving.
Boxes and Arrows: A great design blog that also includes some information on knowledge management — how information is presented online.
chieftech’s blog: This blog is about working online, and includes great information on social media. Helpful for those involved in knowledge management.
Knowledge Management: CIO offers a section on KM, and tips on how you can use it to better management content online.
ELSUA: Looks at Web 2.0, enterprise 2.0, and what you can do to manage it all. Great knowledge management blog.
Dissident: Addresses social media, and questions related to all the Web 2.0 stuff we see around us. A great resource for knowledge management.
Portals and KM: A helpful look at how you can better manage knowledge online. Special emphasis on social media and Web 2.0.
RicShreves.Net: Offers insight and information on content management.
TechnoLawyer Blog: Great information on online management, including content and document management, as well as knowledge management. A good way to learn how to stay on top of your information.
Enterprise Content Management Blog: Information on managing content and information online. Especially helpful for businesses.
Patti Anklam: Learn how to get your network up and running — and stay up and running. A great blog on knowledge management, interconnectedness and the Internet.
Trends in the Living Network: Insightful information on what’s coming when related to online networks. Helpful for knowledge management pros.
Unofficial RedDot CMS Blog: Learn more about content management and Web 2.0 trends that can provide insight and information.
Web 2.0 Blog: Find out more about Web 2.0, and how it can be used to manage your knowledge.
Enterprise Web 2.0: This ZD Net blog offers insights into how the Web and information management online can help business.
The Enterprise Web 2.0 Blog: Hints on how you can use information and knowledge to improve your business.


One of the keys to knowledge management is collaboration. Find out more about collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Apophenia: This blog is more about collaboration and making connections with others. A great place to learn about issues related to connecting meaningfully with others.
All of us are smarter than any of us…: This is a great blog focusing on collaboration and how it can be used in knowledge management.
Collaborative Thinking: Thoughts on software, collaboration and how it all fits together.
Communities and Collaboration: Get more information about how you can collaborate more effectively, and share knowledge within your community.
Full Circle: Learn more about making connections and sharing knowledge — online and offline.
Sustainability Knowledge: Learn about community, sharing and sustainability. An interesting blog with a unique take on knowledge management as it relates to sustainability.
Gilbane Group Blog: This consulting group offers helpful insights into collaboration, content management and more.
Collaborative Strategies: Learn strategies that can help you share information more effectively.
Collaboration 2.0: Using new strategies to successful collaborate and share knowledge.’s Collaboration Blog: Hints and helps to become better at collaborating and managing knowledge.
The Culture of Collaboration: Find out what it takes to build a culture in which knowledge sharing is part of the management process.
The Innovation and Collaboration Blog Jam: Explore the future of information and knowledge organization, as well as organization of other aspects of life. A great way to learn more about collaboration.

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