Thursday, March 6, 2008

MeshUps - and implications on the Organization of the Future.

Today at Microsoft’s Mix conference for developers Microsoft chief software architect Ray Ozzie hinted at a new service to be called Mesh.

Mesh sounds like a very ambitious cloud computing platform that will attempt to unite Web applications across all devices securing the promise of unified communications and ubiquity. Below is an excerpt from his speech:

Just imagine the possibilities enabled by centralized configuration and personalization and remote control of all your devices from just about anywhere. Just imagine the convenience of unified data management, the transparent synchronization of files, folders, documents, and media. The bi-directional synchronization of arbitrary feeds of all kinds across your devices and the Web, a kind of universal file synch.

Just imagine the possibilities of unified application management across the device mesh, centralized, Web-based deployment of device-based applications. Imagine an app platform that’s cognizant of all of your devices. Now, as it so happens, we’ve had a team at Microsoft working on this specific scenario for some time now, starting with the PC and focused on the question of how we might make life so much easier for individuals if we just brought together all your PCs into a seamless mesh, for users, for developers, using the Web as a hub.

Before you know it, you in this audience are going to have the option of being the first to try out an early technology preview of this simple but incredibly useful new software and service. As this product emerges just over the horizon, I think you’ll find it to be quite intriguing and key in delivering upon a compelling vision of a personal device mesh and of connected devices.

The possibilities are endless if personalization and remote control of all devices from anyplace, any time, any where comes to fruition. The convenience of unified communications, transparent synchronization of files, folders, documents with rich media formats is the ulitmate Mash-Up Experience. .

Just thinking about the possibilities of an application platform that is intelligent enough to interact with all devices where the web is the universal intelligent hub is a simply delicious technological vision of unified communications that one can simply imagine new scenarios like: Walking down the street close to home, my cell phone's GPS signals my home mesh mixer that I am arriving in ten minutes, and relays a series of messages that simplifies my life. First, the expresso machine is signaled to strart brewing me me a fresh cup of coffee. Then the fire place is signaled to turn on with a lighter blaze hue setting, as the weather patterns have indicated from my running shoes my feet are cold as as it is a chilly day and my personal preferences when I am chilled is always to sit by an inviting fire.

Next my dog's day kennel is signaled to release Jeffrey, and to start dispensing some fresh water before he races upstairs to sit beside the fire. The air conditioner siwthces on and selects a nice pine scent to infuse a fresh early morning spring aroma. The integrated sound system selects a soothing jazz ensemble, and the lights are dimmed softly.

Every day, I can change my integrated settings over the web to create the personalized experience to greet me. In time, with bio-genetic engineering, my watch will know the mood of my body and intelligently simply alter the settings based on the types of thoughts that I have had during the day - the concept of Mesh Up will mix with bio genetics and wireless and the web - one day man and machine will be more intelligently fused than we can possibly begin to imagine.

The term Mesh Up is actually a good choice of words as it illustrates mash-up and the fusion of possibilities in life - all we have to do is let our imaginations go on a journey.

I checked out the new Microsoft, it brings you to Windows Live ID sign-in page for a site that is not yet up. I tried to sign in and was told my account is not authorized, but was sent to this URL:

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