Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Business Goes Virtual – Chapter 3 - Real Leadership in the Virtual World

The third post of my Business Goes Virtual blog series continues with “Chapter 3 - Real Leadership in the Virtual World”. Great leadership is always integral to the success of any business, but in the case of virtual businesses, types of leaders can vary depending on the organization.

We discovered that each of the organizations we studied was led (or had been led) by truly amazing leaders. However, as we analyzed the leaders we found that in many cases they were very different leaders. For example, using Eric Berne’s seminal work Transactional Analysis as a basis, we found some of the people we studied could be classified as transformational leaders while others would more likely be transactional leaders. Transformational leaders are those who believe motivating their people is the secret to success... Transactional leaders are those who subscribe to the management practice that combines the triad of power, reward, and punishment.
In short, what we found was that there was no magic recipe for being a successful leader in the virtual domain. It quickly became clear that leadership was essential; however, the type and style of leaders we encountered on our journey was as varied as the type of organization they were leading.

What kind of leader are you and have you encountered these types of leaders during your career? What are your pros and cons transformational or transactional leaders? Comment below!

The content includes:
Chapter 1 - Virtual Business: Real or Imaginary?
Chapter 2 - The New Face(book) of Organizations
Chapter 3 - Real Leadership in the Virtual World
Chapter 4 - The Power of Sharing
Chapter 5 - Making Sense of Virtual Worlds

Chapter 6 - Any Place, Any Time
Chapter 7 - The People Know Best
Chapter 8 - Everyone Has a Stake
Chapter 9 - Real in the Virtual World

Chapter 10 - What Every Leader Needs to Know

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