Tuesday, April 26, 2011



Finally our new publication is out on Social Knowledge: Using Social Media to Know What you Know, a book project that John and Joanne Girard pulled together and we edited with over 20 other leading researchers, academics and practioners. I was priviledged to be able to contribute both on core content and also be on the editorial advisory board with:

1.) Alex Bennet of Mountain Quest Institute
2.) Nick Bowersox, TUI University, USA
3.) Kamiz Dalkir, McGill University
4.) Parissa Haghirian, Sophia University, Japan
5.) Harris Papoutasakis, Technological Education Institute of Crete University
6.) Suzanne Roff-Wexler, Compass Point Consulting
7.) Michael Sutton, Westminster College
8.) Jerry Westfall Liberty University

The book addresses perspectives that for the past two decades, executives have struggled to develop effective ways of sharing what their organizations know. Organizational leaders are now seeking ways to share knowledge with both internal and external stakeholders, driven by concerns such as: downsizing, the impending retirement of baby boomers, terrorism and a host of other organizational challenges.

Our new book provides relevant and current theoretical frameworks, latest empirical research findings, and practitioner's best practices in the area. The book is multi-disciplinary in nature and considers a wide range of topics, each of which is related to social knowledge. It is written for professionals who want to improve their understanding of the strategic role of social knowledge in business, government and in not for profit sectors.

The Content includes:

Chapter 1 - Social Learning from the Inside Out: The Creation and Sharing of Knowledge from the Mind and Brain Perspective

Chapter 2 - Measuring the Impact of Social Media, Connection, Communication and Collaboration

Chapter 3 - Challenging Our Assumptions: Making Sense of the Sharing of Social Knowledge

Chapter 4 - Social Knowledge Case Study: Innovation Linked to the Collaborative Socialization of Knowledge written by Dr. Cindy Gordon, author of this blog.

Chapter 5 - Social Knowledge in the Japanese Firm

Chapter 6 - Cultural Barriers to Organizational Social Media Adoption

Chapter 7 - Organizational Culture: A Pillar for Knowledge Management

Chapter 8 - Social Leadership: Exploring Social Media and the Military - A New Leadership Tool

Chapter 9 - Foundations of Cross Cultural Knowledge Management

Chapter 10 - Becoming a Blogger: A Social Knowledge Experiment

Chapter 11 - Encouraging Participation in Virtual Communities of Practices within the United States Air Force

Chapter 12 - Social Knowledge Workplace

Chapter 13 - Sharing Scientific and Social Knowledge in a Performance Oriented Industry: An Evaluation Model

Chapter 14 - Social Knowledge: The Technology Behind

Chapter 15 - Empowering Social Knowledge with Information Technology: Technological and Cultural Issues Convergence

For the next few months, I will comment on sections from this book to help share insights from our collective research in hopes we can inspire you to take leadership action and drive more social knowledge practices into your organizations work practices.

Results are already showing sales representatives that leverage social selling practice outperform their colleagues and drive an increase of over 10% greater revenue outcomes.

This is all my firm at Helix Commerce does with my partner, Alex Blom - we are helping to transform business practices, and we work primarily with large mutinationals, major banks, com and high tech companies, etc... so much work to do and every day we realize we know so little.

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