Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Facebook - Your Stories can be real time ads now!

Facebook has just launched its new initiative allowing you to become the star of the marketing your friends see on their profiles.

I have to try this as I am likely the Starbuck's queen at Brookdale /Yonge in Toronto.

Sponsored stories will allow advertisers to copy certain pieces of information from a Facebook user's news feeds and pin those posting tot he profiles of their friends. It's a new way for marketers to increase the visability of certain stories that show in their new feeds.

Word of mouth, recommendations, and endorsements are a major value to marketers.

Now when a Facebook user presses a like button for a certain product or service, or checks in at a location using Facebook Places, and downloads an application, marketers can now take that information and use it as a sponsored story.

Users can prevent what they share appearing by adjusting their privacy settings of their news feed.

Stores to sell products or services are effective, and entertaining. These types of approaches extend the reach of marketing professionals as they have more content to leverage, and voices to leverage to echo their brands.

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