Sunday, June 20, 2010

Google hunting iPhone and Blackberry customers

Google has now entered the mobile telephony market and is unleashing another disruptive innovation. The Google Nexus phone is positioned against the Apple iPhone and RIM's blackberry.

Google is unleashing a tremendous amount of encouragement into the development community to build innovative apps for its Android Operating System, an open source operating system.

Apple has a very controlled approach in terms of carefully vetting which apps get into the Apple store, while Google exercises minimal control. Their approach is based on the abundance theory.. translated as "have fun" We will check back with you later." Creativity and openness oozes out of Google's strategy.

Developers can get started by going to (

Google is putting an interesting spider web together, dropping different pieces in front of the enterprise with little barriers.

As cloud computing increases in acceptance, enterprises will start to look at the costs of Software licences and evaluate the value given increased operating costs of IT infrastructure continue to be high and the need to secure cost savings to re-invest in the future will become more acute over the next ten years.

With Apple, Microsoft and RIM in the proprietary software business, and Google positoning itself in the open source market.

As developers are jumping on the Google Nexus jet plane, the dynamics will shift over time in the market.

Although the odds seem to be stacked against Google, one factor that none of us can predict is the creativity of start up organizations who see only new possibilities in supporting Google's dream.


Stu said...

Good luck to them - when you are a huge name like Google, why not go after the big market share

Stewart Higgins
Intranet Expert
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