Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Talent War - Is It Over?

A few years ago Alan Davis wrote an article entitled “The Talent War – Is it Over?”. In this article, he used examples from military history to illustrate similarities with the Talent War.

Since Alan wrote this article, we have been through a deep recession marked by company closures, layoffs and hiring freezes. Although there is no shortage of unclaimed talent on the market, the competition for talent still exists. In fact, it may have intensified as the Public Sector becomes more attractive due to employment stability and better benefits.

The points Alan makes in his article are still pertinent today:

1. Generals vs. Business Leaders: HR Leadership succeeds by providing strategic vision and implementing long-term recruiting solutions.
2. Troops vs. Workers: Talent Acquisition is a business issue that requires Subject Matter Experts in recruiting.
3. Weapons vs. Technology: Technology is used by Strategic Recruiters to identify and develop relationships with a target pool of candidates.
4. Military vs. Business Intelligence: Business Intelligence is used strategically to locate and contact future talent.
5. Wars without End vs. Talent Wars: Talent Wars are won by companies who build relationships with high-potential future employees.

How does your organization rate in the competition to acquire top talent in this post-recession economy? Now might be a good time to review your war-winning strategies. If you would like to read the complete article, it can be accessed at:

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