Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Using Your Imagination with Social Media

Writing is never easy. Creating content is never easy.

However, creating a community or a following has never been simpler.

Today, we have so many new ways to connect online and create new connections and follow a passion or create a passion or now even create a wave with Google Wave.

It never ceases to amaze me that many companies are still struggling to take the social media leap and simply allow their talent to be creative and know they can trust them to all be writers on the web. Having an official one voice is out as large organizations continue to struggle to find the secret sauce of how to communicate effectively. We have always been oral as human - we just forgot how over the last few centuries. Digital social media is giving everyone an opportunity to rekindle their tribal roots and be heard in the crowd.

What they have not realized is creating content is getting easier and easier. You can now take pictures and upload them to Flickr, you can shoot your own videos and promote them on YouTube or even on Facebook. You can create your own audio programs (podcasts) and push them out to the world via iTunes, and you can simply your writing worries with a 140 character feed on Twitter.

The best way to get started is to simply share content - pick something that you are passionate about. In my case, I love to write and research and consultant on innovation and next generation business models. Just think about sharing what is uniquely special about You.

Think of your employees as a tribe and as humans we are very comfortable in passing down knowledge from elders to new employees. We have become very comfortable in using email to share knowledge unfortunately others cannot easily build off the conversations.

If you just like to read then learn to use bookmark services more effectively - like Delicious, Google Bookmarks, or Magnolia.

Don't forget all these tools not only tap your imagination but they also help you and your organizations get smarter.

We are no longer six degrees of separation rather more like one pixel.

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Stu said...

Great article as always!

Stewart Higgins
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