Saturday, June 20, 2009

Employee Branding

For the first time, many talented executives and managers are experiencing first hand what it feels like as a job candidate during the recruiting process.

Interaction with job candidates is often not a courteous experience as phone calls, emails, keep in the loop communications are different to what they had experienced on the job...or thought was really happening in their own organizations.

Today, few candidates reach correspondence is acknowledged, calls returned - in some respects like a big black hole.

Either way your company's brand is being impacted daily by these recruiting candidates who could be a customer,supplier or an employee. Their perceptions of the HR organizations leadership in the employee recruiting experience is resulting in a shake-up for recruiting leadership talent and HR professionals.

Companies that are not ensuring every touch point experience in their culture is a memorable and rewarding experience suffer fools gladly and implications on their brand is below the iceberg but after effect will be significant.

A Stanford Business School study reports that SouthWest Airlines are role model. For one, they recognize employment candidates as not only careeer customers - but as also airline customers. Southwest's core principles of respect permeate its recruitment whre there is a focus on ensuring no applicant feels inferior or is rejected. Many of its job applicants have a better experiences being rejected than being hired by other companies. As a result, SouthWest gets the best people, and it shows in their superior financial results.

Companies have much more to gain by looking at talent and its diversity as a precious diamond that has sustainability value in the circle of life that we are in. Irrespective one reality rings true, if the experiences a company delivers to a prospective employee will influence their perceptions of the company both as an employer but also as a business they want to patronize and continue to do business with.

Employee Engagement Leadership is a key area for improvement in the majority of companies across NA leaders often forget to think holistically and to create brand value against all Employee and Customer interaction touchpoints.

Time to wake up and look at Potential Employee moments as really customer moments of truth and calibrated from a growth & risk management perspective.

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