Monday, July 28, 2008

Innovation can benefit from Chaordic Organizational Design Principles.

Creating the future organization based our the knowledge intensive economy that we are living in requires a deeper understanding of human connections and human networks. Charodic Organizations provide some good insights of ways to create new meanings and a stronger sense of purpose in our businesses.

What is a Chaordic organization?

* Are based on clarity of shared purpose and principles.
* Are self-organizing and self-governing in whole and in part.
* Exist primarily to enable their constituent parts.
* Are powered from the periphery, unified from the core.
* Are durable in purpose and principle, malleable in form and function.
* Equitably distribute power, rights, responsibility and rewards.
* Harmoniously combine cooperation and competition.
* Learn, adapt and innovate in ever expanding cycles.
* Are compatible with the human spirit and the biosphere.
* Liberate and amplify ingenuity, initiative and judgment.
* Are compatible with and foster diversity, complexity and change.
* Constructively utilize and harmonize conflict and paradox.
* Restrain and appropriately embed command and control methods.

Learn more about chaordic organizations?...

If you do not have a copy of Dee Hock's book, One From Many (or The Birth of the Chaordic Age), please consider reading an outline of One From Many to glean some of the major ideas and wisdom discussed therein.

In summary, the writer of a book review of The Birth of the Chaordic Age states Hocks claim that "We live in such a complex world, that our relationships, too, will be too complex to allow agreement much beyond intent."

Consequently, Hock recommends we need to begin to explore things

1. as they were;
2. as they are;
3. as they might become; and
4. as they ought to be.

And we need to carefully discern old assumptions and beliefs that are now false or no longer serve us.

Chaordic Leadership

Leaders of chaordic organizations can encourage grassroots innovation by knowing how to wisely view relationships, communication, motivations, results, diversity, letting go, etc. Learn more about chaordic leadership ...

Chaordic Design

The design of a chaordic organization begins with deep questioning. "If anything imaginable were possible, if there were no constraints whatever, what would be the nature of an ideal institution to accomplish our purpose?" Learn more about the chaordic design process ...

Visa's purpose was to "create the world's premier system for the exchange of value." How can we state our shared purpose in a similarly powerful way?

The first step: Develop a Statement of Purpose

"The first step is to define, with absolute clarity and deep conviction, the purpose of the community. An effective statement of purpose will be a clear, commonly understood statement of that which identifies and binds the community together as worthy of pursuit. When properly done, it can usually be expressed in a single sentence. Participants will say about the purpose, 'If we could achieve that, my life would have meaning.'"

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